The first in his experience seminar

In his address to people of Kazakhstan "Strategy «Kazakhstan-2050» the Head of state outlined the priorities – countering all forms of extremism, terrorism and radicalism. In this regard, we adopted the state program on prevention of religious extremism and terrorism.

Our training centre is not left behind and spent the first in his experience of the seminar «General principles of civil defence and counter terrorism», which took place on 18 August 2016

The event was attended by the heads of organizations, employees of schools and kindergartens of Astana city. The participants of the workshop were shared people's actions upon discovery of an explosive device and receiving information about the impending attack, as well as advice on list of documents on the object of mass stay of children be developed for the organization of work to protect itself from terrorist threats and other extremist manifestations. As an illustration, the participants were shown a documentary film.

In our opinion the seminar was to raise legal awareness in relation to the religious situation among the civilian population.